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Association of Boxing Alliances in the Philippines


Our Vision

ABAP is cognizant of the respect accorded our boxers by many, born out of achievements of our past boxing championships, As the national sports association charged with the developmental and supervision of amateur boxing , ABAP sees our boxers fulfilling their natural potential and putting the Philippines back in its rightful exalted place in the international arena. We owe it to our people and the countless championships whose legacy are the respect and recognition with which the Filipino is regarded all over the world

ABAP President Ricky Vargas (right) takes his oath before Congressman Raul Daza.

ABAP Board Members

MEMBERS of the ABAP Board of Trustees pose after their elections recently. Among the officers are: Rep. Raul Daza, vice chairman; Ricky Vargas, president; Patrick Gregorio, vice president ; Atty Oscar Moreno Jr., treasurer; and Ed Picson, secretary-general/executive director. Also present are POC secretary-general Steve Hontiveros and PSC commissioner Ramon Fernandez.

Mr. Manuel V. Pangilinan
Congressman Raul Daza
Mr. Victorico P. Vargas
President & CEO
Mr. John Patrick Gregorio
Mr. Edgar E. Picson
Secretary-General and Executive Director
Attorney Oscar P. Moreno Jr.
Attorney Leonardo C. Aguilar Jr.
Corporate Secretary

The  ABAP  was  founded  in 1961  and  was headed  by the late  Eugenio Puyat for 18 years. During his term, the country produced its first Olympic boxing silver medal in the 1964 Tokyo games through Anthony Villanueva, son of the first Filipino Olympic boxing medalist Cely Villanueva.

Mr. Puyat resigned due to health reasons in 1979 and Alex Villacampa was appointed Acting President of the ABAP. Mr. Puyat subsequently passed away in 1984 and the first ABAP elections was held with the late former Makati Mayor Nemesio Yabut winning said elections. Mayor Yabut held the post for 3 years until his death in 1984.

Another election was held and Gintong Alay’s Michael Keon won the presidency until the 1986 February Revolution. This paved the way for Mr. Roilo Golez, former Postmaster General, who was handpicked by then POC president Jose Sering to run as head of the boxing body. Mr. Golez won the elections and held the post for 2 years until 1988 when he resigned due to a highly-controversial violation of international amateur boxing rules.

Former Manila Mayor Gemiliano “Mel” Lopez, Jr. was then unanimously endorsed by ABAP leaders to succeed Golez but had to make his entry official. An election was set and all ABAP Regional Presidents were present. The father of the “Quest for Olympic Gold” program won the formality procedures unopposed and held the post for 5 years finally producing for the country its first Olympic medal after 24 years in the first year of his term in 1988 through Leopoldo Serantes and another bronze in 1992 courtesy of Roel Velasco.

In 1993, Mayor Lopez was appointed Chairman of the Philippine Sports Commission by President Fidel V. Ramos. An election was held and Mayor Lopez’s son, then ABAP Executive Vice President Manny Lopez, ran for the presidency and also won unopposed. He vowed to continue the program set by his father.